Dental Implants

A dental implants is a perfect solution if you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth. A dental implants in Charleston can be used to support the most natural looking tooth replacement and can dramatically improve your smile, eating and confidence.

Dental Implants

For many patients, the best way of replacing missing teeth is with one or more dental implants. They are a great alternative to sometimes uncomfortable dentures or bridgework.

A dental implants in Charleston enables us to provide the most natural replacement for missing tooth. A dental implant will feel secure and does not involve preparation of the adjacent teeth, which is necessary when a conventional bridge is used to replace the missing teeth.

When you lose a tooth, there is also a loss of bone which had previously held the tooth root in position. One of the further advantages of dental implants is that they will preserve your jawbone by making it functional again.

dental implants


A dental implant is a small, extremely bio-compatible titanium screw which forms a very strong bone the union when inserted into the human jawbone. We have been using the current type of dental implants are 30 to 40 years with great success. Dental implants can be used to support individual teeth (crowns), a number of teeth in the form of a bridge or they can be used to help support and retain a removable bridge (a precision retained denture).

Dental Implants Benefits

The loss of one or more teeth can have a terrible effect on your confidence as well as your ability to eat comfortably and speak normally.

A missing front tooth has a dramatic effect on the appearance whilst missing one or two of the back teeth can lead to problems with chewing and normal function. Where missing teeth were traditionally replaced using partial dentures or bridgework, both these methods generally have a negative effect on the adjacent teeth and gums. One of the many advantages of a dental implant Charleston is that it does not rely on the adjacent teeth for support, it is an entirely stand-alone option.

Further benefits of one or more dental implants south Carolina include how they are long-lasting, reliable and therefore a very cost-effective solution for missing teeth.  

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